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Happy 33rd birthday


February 24, 1980 - October 9, 2004

Angie has another site you can feel free to visit...

Thank you for thinking of Angie on her birthday and helping her family celebrate. We appreciate all the messages, graphics, caring words, candles etc. Love from her Mom and Dad, her Grandfather and Grandmother, Louise, and her son Jeremy

Angie and her brother's in their younger years. 1st picture Ricky (older brother) and Angie...middle picture all three siblings...last picture Randy (younger Brother) and Angie

Angie celebrating some of her younger birthdays

From Mary Hand Mom to Nicky

From Claudia Mom to Rocky Lindley

From Cheryl A Roy Mum to Kyle

Angie and some Angel Friends share the same birthday

Nicholas Pisano, John Buonpane

and Abdo Abdelhadi

From Colleen sister to Patrick Caroll

From Lorraine, Mom to Kelli George



From Lynn Bell Mom to Paul Bell 

From Gina Ragatz Dubyak Mom to Brooklynn


From Lynn Bell Mom to Paul

From Gina Ragatz Dubyak Mom to Brooklyn

From Gina Ragatz Dubyak Mom to Brooklyn 

 From Lynn Bell Mom to Paul

From Patrick Barbosa's Mom

Angie only got to spend 24 years with us, but she sure did make us laugh and taught us...that it doesn't matter how long you get to's how you live

From Edwina Mum to Troy Mitchell

To my Mom...

You always loved me more than words could express, and I told you once that you loved me to much. I was your special girl and you let me know it all the time. I know it hurts you that you were not there to protect me the night I died, but you were in my heart and I know part of you went with me. I'm sorry this happened and I wish it didn't...but none of us know what life will bring to us, from one minute to the next. Let go and live Mom, because one day we will be back together again...forever and ever! I love you and miss you so much, but I'm always close by...I live in your heart, mind and thoughts xo

To my Dad...

I love the way we spent special moments doing just daughter and Dad made me feel like a Princess all the time. You put me on a pedistal and here I sit waiting for the day I'm with you again. I love you and I miss you

To my baby boy, Jeremy...Mommy loves you so much sweetie, and I am sorry I'm not here to share your life with you in a physical way...but everytime you see a butterfly...that is me spending time with you...and I know you see lots of butterflies even in the Winter, because I know I spend lots of time with you! Your a handsome boy and I'm so proud of you. Be good for your Grandmama and your Grandpapa...I'm ever so grateful for all they do for you. One day baby boy we will be together again, and we will have so much fun...we will catch up where we left off...God has so much he has promised us...keep the hope sweetie! I love you and miss you xo


To my Nanny and Grandpy

Here I am spending time on your lap as always while your opening your presents at your 25th wedding Anniversary...a few months ago you celebrated you 55th wedding I would have given anything to be sitting on your lap again...thank you both for all you did and do for me...I was loved so much by you guys...when you find those pennies know I'm near you...I'm never far away! I love you both so much...sending you big hugs xoxox

Angie and her big brother Ricky

Angie and her little brother Randy

Angie with Mom and Dad




Angie 1 day old

Angie from the day she was born, was an eager person with an edge to her that loved challenges, excitement and adventure.

Never did she think anything like this would happen to her...not long before her passing, she said don't worry Mom, I'm not going to die...I'll be around for a long time!

The night of her passing wasn't her fault...the story is not 100% sure! We know God knows what happen, and we know Angie is with him safe and sound...

It's sad we don't know if the whole story is true, but at this point it doesn't matter...she is gone and we can't bring her back...but God will be the final Judge.

This is how Angie left us...

and even though she only had 24 years with us, she left us with many funny, loving, and happy times...

These are some of the memories we treasure...





ANGIE 2002

Here's Angie with Jeremy on her first Mother's Day..

Auntie Tina bought a cake for Angie, her and my Mom, Grandma Louise...

Angie thought it was just so cute that Jeremy put his fingers into the cake...

She had a good laugh, and she cherished that memory.

She only had 3 Mother's Day with her son...not enough at isn't fair she hasn't been here the last 8.

But on Sunday, my precious one, Jeremy and I will honor you as we do ever Mother's Day...


M - miracle worker

O - opened minded

T - trustful

H - honest

E - everything beautiful

R - rich in love


A - Angel

N - Nice

G - Great

I - Inspirational

E - Enternity

Jeremy at 1 day old...he had lots of complications and was in the hospital for 10 days...Angie never left his side once!

Thank you Mommy, I love you and I miss you. I remember us playing at the park, the walks, and the movie "Annie" and lots of things. You're the most special Mommy. Your Son, Jeremy

I love you and miss you


Are you leaning on a cloud now like you did with this tree?

Are you smiling and happy like you always did?

Are you still close by us like you were down here on earth?

Do you still laugh that deep and wonderful laugh?

Do you still play jokes on Angels Friends like you did to us?

Are you still adventurious, eager, and determined?

Did God or Jesus explain to you why you had to leave?

Are you in any pain, or crippled from the horrible night of October 9th 2004?

When I was woken on the morning of your accident, I thought you were playing a joke on us and was hiding...hell Angie if your can come out, because it's been long enough...

Yes I still let myself believe that I am only dreaming all this and I will wake up one day and you'll be there...

My heart is broken into crumbly pieces. I know that your not hiding...and I know your not going to walk through the door and laugh that hearty laugh...I have to wait until the day God decides I can be with you again...

Not fair...

What keeps me going with a smile on my that your son is a special person just like you were.

Donna, Angie's Mom and her son Jeremy in 2006

Your son growing up with you

Sunday we will honor you on Mother's Day as we do every year...


Angie the day she was born


the last day we got to be with her!!!!!

Angie watching over her Nanny, Grandma Louise, and her nephew, Sheldon...One day Angie you'll meet him, and you'll love him.

He loves Jeremy.

Your Grandparents

miss you and love you

as much today as yesterday

and they are sending you big

Mother Day Wishes


Your Brother Randy and his Fiance Serena 2012

Angie these are the jeans that Auntie Tina bought your brother Ricky 33 years ago. Levis...Ricky was the 1st to wear them and all the children in the family have worn them including all your cousins and now FINALLY, the day I've always waited for...

the day Ricky's son got to wear them...

So father and son wore the first pair of jeans he got so many many years ago...

Had to share this with you




Dear God,

You gave us our daughter for 24 years, but now you have her back.

We miss her more than any words could express and would do anything to have her back her with us.

BUT, we know we don't have any control or solutions involving death...

In our prayers, we live with the hope of the promise and the ressurection...

We believe with every ounce of knowledge in our bodies, that we will be with her again...

And it will be forever and ever. God we know you didn't grant us our daughter, to have us love her as much as we do, to just completely wipe her out of our lives.

She lives in our hearts and thoughts nearly every second of every day!

God please keep her safe and make sure our seats are waiting right beside her for us to join her when our time on earth is done!

In the name of your son,

Jesus Christ,


This chick is waiting patiently for the unknown, just as we are!

He's a little confused...these aren't the real eggs...they are real Easter Eggs...hmm

Every year we have a big Easter Hunt for Jeremy outdoors, he gets eggs, chocolates, gifts and every second that we do this brings us joy because you we know you'd be so happy to see him having so much fun!

We know if you were here to celebrate with him, it would probably be a thousand times better because you were able to put so much thought and fun into everything you did.

One day Angie we'll all be together again, and I'm sure we'll have fun times doing everything just like we did once upon a time.

Your son misses you so brings tears to my eyes when he tells me how much he wishes you were here...I honestly think he thinks you'd never punish him, or get upset with him. He knows how much love you had for him and how special he was to you.

He enjoys hearing about all the stories I share with him about you and your brothers.

All your family loves and misses you Angie and the only things that helps lessens the pain, is the fact that each day passed brings us one day closer to you.

When God is ready for each and everyone of us, he'll bring us together and we'll be together forever and ever...never to part again.


And they thought only chicks came out of shells...someone should tell's Easter Time

Have to rest up...we got some Easter Love to deliver to you Angie...

This was Angie's favorite flower...

The Sunflower

It's bright and viberant

just like she was!

Happy 32nd Birthday


February 24, 1980-October 9, 2004

Angie left us 8 years ago when she was 24 years young. She died in a tragic car accident. Her precious son misses not having his Mom in his life. He turned 3 years old, 3 weeks after her passing. She spent a wonderful near 3 years with him, and taught him what love was all about. He was her world.

Our Angie as a baby, a little girl, and just before her passing. She was an Angel on Earth, before she became an Angel in Heaven.


From Rain's Mommy

Angie and Jeremy, her son...xo

Angie always with a smile

Knowing Angie and some of her Angel Friends and cousins...I'm sure they'll be having a great big party and throwing down lots of Angel Love to all of us!

Angie is remembered as the girl with a smile on her face all the time. She always seen the best in everything.


 When Angie died she was 24...she was a young and beautiful lady...never will she age nor will we ever know what she would look like as she would have aged.

Nicky Pasino and Angie share the same birthday. His Mom made Angie and Nick's b-day special...they share it together.

Nicky Pasino, John Buonpane, and Angie all share the same birthday on February 24


3 stages of Angie's girl and as a Mom


Balloons, cards, cakes, parties, laughter...all things your suppose to do on a birthday...but we can't do that for you as your not here to participate...but we do honor you on this special date, because that is the day I had you and I wish we could go back to that time and start all over!


My precious Angie, and her Dad's precious Punkie

We love you


Happy birthday sweetie


Your Grandmother, did your hair for you...she did it with rags and it turned out so pretty...your such a sweetie xox


The world was blessed to have you in it, now Heaven is blessed! 

The road we wonder is very rocky...the bumps sometimes slows us down...when riding close to the edge we got to keep was the same since you died...the journey is hard...the pain slows us down...and we have to keep centered to keep our sanity.


This is your Grandmother's favorite picture...I wonder why? How can anybody not love it!



Hopefully she'll blow out some candles in Heaven

Our Princess...xo



From Claudia Mom to Rocky

Angie was 24 years old, when she died in a tragic car accident. Besides leaving behind her Mom, Dad, two brothers, Ricky and Randy, her sister-in-law, Melinda, her Grandmother and Grandfather, her boyfriend and tons of other relatives and friends...she left behind her precious son, who turned 3 years old, 3 weeks after her passing!





From Lorraine, Mom to Kelli George





from Elaine Rogers, Mawmaw to Nekoda









From Grandma Rose, to Brittany Syfert





From Rose Grandma to Brittany Syfert





From Patrick B and his Mom





From Cindi Mom to Dana Regan






From Elaine Rogers, Mawmaw to Nekoda













From Edwina, Mum to Troy Mitchell






This would be Angie waiting to bring New Years in with her Dad and me, come on Dad you gotta dance with me!!

If Angie was here this year she'd party the New Year in Big Time with her son...she loved to celebrate!

From Mary Hands, Mom to Special Angel Nick

Your son Jeremy, he's 10 now, Angie and what an amazing child. You must have sore jaws smiling down on him!!!

My cousin, Jenny made this for us...Angie was 5 years old in this picture! She was always smiling!

Your Grandparents with two of

 their three Great Grandsons

From Irena, Nanny to Kayleigh

If only the time could go back, I would have made sure October 4 2004 you were home and not out!!!

My Angie, my Angel

This is your nephews 1st Christmas Angie, you would be getting such a kick out of him!

Remember Angie when Jeremy use to love Douglas the singing Christmas Tree...well now we get to watch Sheldon enjoying it!

I told Santa all I wanted for Christmas was you...Mom

Dad, Mom and Jeremy

and the list reads





Santa keeps Jeremy and Sheldon close to him

On the right hand side of the page please watch the videos made in tribute to Angie

You can shed tears that she is gone
OR you can smile because she has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray
that she will come back,
OR, you can open your eyes and see
all the love she has left.
Your heart can be empty because
you can't see her,
OR,  you can be full of the love that you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow
and live in yesterday
OR, you can be happy for tomorrow
because of yesterday.
You can remember her and only that
she is gone,
OR, you can cherish  her memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back
OR, you can do what she would want;
SMILE, and open your eyes,
LOVE and go on!

Angie and her son, Jeremy

From Krista cousin to Kelsey Linsberg

Jeremy, Angie's son having fun jumping in leaves October 11 2011

Going to be a big 2 digit in a few days Angie

10 years old nearly already

Please look near bottom of page at pictures that Barbara Pisano, Mom to Nicholas Pisano made for Angie and Nicky's birthday this year...many pictures of some of their Angel Friends...thanks Barbara

From Lorraine, Mom to Kelli Warrington-George

From Kelli George-Warrington's Mom Lorraine! Thank you xo

From Linda Martin Bosnyak

Angie getting ready to make her speech as Maid of Honor at Josh's and Missy's wedding 2004




TODAY AS YOU were than

 February 24 1980 - October 9 2004

24 years young




From LaRaine, Mom to Cynthia Hernandez 2011

from Karen Mom to Kassie Hall 2011

Angie as her Aunt Shirley's bridesmaid
picture done by Lorraine, Mom to Kelli George-Wallington

Thank you Lorraine Mom to Kelli George-Warrington


 From Michele Mattia-beaudin

From Cheryl Radford



Angie may you rest in peace always. Death is hard for the living but we have to remember that for the beloved one, there is no more pain, hurt, or anger. You reside in a Heavenly place surrounded by God and Jesus, and all their loving Angels.

For the ones that love and miss Angie, the story is different...we hurt because your not with us, we're in pain because we don't know 100% of the here afters, and there is anger because we can't see, feel, or have any normal communication that we're so use of sharing with you.

We have to Thank our Blessings this Thanksgiving, that you were part of our family. God blessed your Dad and me unconditionally when he granted you as our daughter. Even though it wasn't for as long as we expected, we have to be greatful for all the treasured memories you left us...

Your son, Angie is so much like you. He is a really nice boy. You'd be shocked to see how tall he is and how stalky...he's not a small little boy. He's going to be a big guy! He wishes he had his Mother with him in life, but everyone does what they can to make him happy and contented.

Our hope is one day to be with you again, and to share enternity with you...forever and ever!

Love you and Miss you

so much Punkie

Love Mom and Dad xoxo



Kassie's Mom, Karen Hall


goodness and mercy shall


me all the days of my life,

and I will

dwell in the

house of

the Lord




From Kimberly, Mother to Waylon Kitchens

Are we celebrating that Angie has died 7 years ago?...NO but we are celebrating all the memories and love that she left us.

We remember her laughter, we remember her favorite foods, we remember her singing and dancing, we remember lots of things...but never can we have it again.

From Jenny Tavendale, Mom to Ross

It hurts to know she isn't here to watch her son grow, it hurts to know that her Grandmother and Grandfather miss her so much. It hurts to know her brothers can't share any more special sister and brothers moments. It hurts to see her friends have babies, it leaves you wondering how many she would have had by now. You see a girl getting married, it hurts, she'll never have that day and she always spoke about the day she gets married!

From Claudia, Mom to Rocky Lindley

It is so hard when a child died...some people might think your looking for attention, or that you should be finished your grieving...well how can any parent do that? Can we blame them to think that way? No!

We have been taught that many things in life can and will happen and that you have to learn to live with them. We expect that one day our parents will die, we understand that people have accidents and get hurt and suffer, we know pain hurts, but eventually it goes away.

From Denise King, Mom to Billy

Well when a child dies, your never prepared. It's a shock. All parents think that this won't happen to them.


Take a look at your child

and enjoy the moment of whatever he/she are doing.

Turn your back and walk away for a second.

Now look back at your child

He/she is lying on the floor, not moving and no air is coming out of their mouth!

It's over, their gone,

their dead

At that moment so did more than half of you die!

This is not something I'll ever get over, I thought I could protect my children and keep them safe. Now I have to look at my child lying in a casket, I can't shake her and try to wake her up...because she's's over...never will I hold her again, hug her, talk to her, now I have to bury or cremate the child I love...oh know they're putting her in the ground...ugg there's bugs, it's cold, she's going to be alone...or she's burnt and I'll have ashes and some just put let them put my child in fire...

It hurts, hurts, hurts, so much that there is know describing the pain.

A child is part of you the minute it starts to grow in your womb. We love them, care for them, and stand by them no matter how young or old they are.

When you can't pick up a phone and call your child, or you can't invite them over for a family meal or to celebrate an hurts!


The one thing I do get pleasure from is remincing about her when holidays and special events come up. So yes we want to know they're not forgotten, we ask everyone to help us do that...why?...because our daughter deserves to be remembered and to be honor because she was a great human being. She spent many of her awakening hours caring and loving  everyone around her!

So for those of you that cared and loved Angie, we thank you for sharing this moment with us. For all the Angel Families that have supported us, through many years and hours of pain. I thank you very much. We couldn't have done it without you all!

Love Mom Hugs xo

From Caroline's Nana

From Cindi, Mom to Dana Regan

To our beautiful granddaughter, Angie

These last six years have been the hardest years we've ever had. We miss you so much. We haven't been with you for 2,190 days nearly. That's a lot of days to grieve, but how can we not...It's so hard, we remember so many things about. You were our first Granddaughter and you changed our lives forever the day you were born!

From Barb, Mom to Shane Ramirez

Angie Graduation 1997

Angie with her cousins Terri and bebe Nikita 1988 Nanny and Grandpy bought their only 3 granddaughters at the time, matching t-shirts

Angie 1 day old

We remember you being born, we remember you playing, we remember you eating a popsicle, we remember you going to school, we remember you playing with your brothers, we remember you riding your bike, we remember your graduations, we remember you crying, we remember you laughing, we remember you hugging us, we remember you bringing flowers to us when you visited, we remember you singing Happy birthday to Grandpy as if you were Marilyn Monroe, we remember you being pregnant, we remember you calling us from the hospital to tell us you had the baby, we remember you playing with your son, we remember his first birthday party you gave can we not. We even remember the day we got the news of your passing, we remember the wake, we remember the service, we remember you!

From Claudia, Mom to Rocky Lindley

Till the day we are with you again, Angie, we'll think of you always!

Sending you really big hugs and lots kisses too

Love Nanny and Grandpy xoxo

David and Louise (Grandparents)

From Cindi , Mom to Dana Regan

From Patrick Carrolls Mom Colleen

From Mary, Mom to Nicholas Hand

My wish is that the day Jeremy is reunited with his Mommy

he can walk up to her with his arms wide open

and smile at her and say


together they will be

holding and hugging each other

as God had plan for them

Angie has a son, named Jeremy! She died three weeks before his third birthday. Every year in October we have Angie's death, her son's birthday and Halloween to deal with. Halloween was one of her favorite times of the year. She had the chose to have Jeremy on the 30th or the 31st and she ponder with the idea of a seperate birthday or a Halloween birthday. She didn't want to take from his birthday so she decided the 30th.  For his first birthday she through a big party for him. Everyone nearly came in costume, even Jeremy. She decorated the house amazingly. She had a big Halloween the end of that day, she said she wished now that she would have had Jeremy on the 31st. Every year for Jeremy's birthday we try and make it scary and fun for him and his friends. His mother would do that for him, so this is the only holiday I think...what would Angie do this year?

From Cheryl Roy, Mum to Kyle

When you look deep into the eyes of some who is hurting

you see nothing,

but to the person hurting,

they are surviving!

Cheryl Roy Mum to Kyle

A Tribute from Nicholas Pisano's Mom Barbara

for their birthday.

Nick and Angie were born on the same day. She was 24 yrs old and he was 25 yrs old when they passed. Even though they didn't leave this earth at the same time, or even knew each Angel Moms we feel they have both met and have become great friends.

I thank you Barbara from the bottom of my heart for always including Angie is all the special invitations and pictures you do for their birthday.

Here are many collages Barbara did of for their birthdays this year. This is some of their Angel Friends

February 24 2011

From Colleen Mom to Patrick Carroll 2011

I share with you some pictures of the car Angie had the accident with. I still can't believe really that Angie was in this car, that it got smashed up, and she died in it For sure I know it's real, but somehow, as a parent you still want to believe it didn't happen.

Coroner's report states she was not drunk, she had no drugs in her system.

 Police report's states they think she dodged an animal on the road!!!

Small country roads...usually it's the verdict?

Our daughter's coffin! Wow what a going away present! Her two brothers are in the front carring the coffin, behind on the far side is my cousin Glenn, who just passed away himself, just over a year ago, on the right closest to you is her cousin Jeff, in the back far side a friend, and closest to us her boyfriend!

They just took her coffin, out of the hearst and they are getting ready to carry her into the church!


signed Mom


From Kimberly Mom to Waylon Kitchen

We on earth celebrate the new year on earth on January 1st, but my daughter now celebrates her new year each and every October 9th

This is one of the first pictures taken of Angie

and the very last picture taken of her. This picture was taken just a few

hours before her passing! 

Does it look like she knew this night she would die?

We just never no, and I pray that no other parent

has to go through this, because

I know the pain and hurt and lonliness

and it's not something you'd wish upon

your worse enemy!

Hours before her death...she was teaching her boyfriends Mom how to play something on the piano!

Angie had lots of joy in the different seasons! What a happy little girl

Angie was a proud Canadian

If she could send a message to everyone who reads

this site,

the message writen on the little girl

would say it all

From Austin Manley's Granny

Kim, Mom to Waylon Kitchen

 Thank you Cheryl, Mom to Kyle Roy for this rose!















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Her legacy
Angie's Legacy  

Angie legacy is definately

her son Jeremy


her beautiful smile


Angie Mary Robert February 24th 1980 - October 9th 2004  
In loving memory of our beloved Angie who passed away from our world one year ago today, October 9th 2004. Angie on earth was a very proud mother, a beautiful daughter, a precious granddaughter, a great sister, a darling niece, a terrific cousin, and an exceptional friend. The day you became an angel sweetie, our heart split in two one side broken and the other left with you. We miss everything about you. - Your smile, your voice, your laughter, your funny stories, your hugs, your phone calls, your excitement about the progress of Jeremy, WE SIMPLY MISS YOU TERRIBLY. Be with us Ang, and watch over us daily. Your are always in our thoughts and prayers. Until meet again, xoxoxox

A life she once lead, a journey she once took
A child she once was, a women she then became
A friend she once made, a hand she once shook
A smile she once gave, a tear she once shed,
A love she once felt, a love she once lost,
A story she once told, a book she once closed,
A baby she once was, a baby she once had
A sister she is, with a son by her side
"Beautiful it all once was" Yet old and gray she will never begin to show,
A life she once lead, to come to an end,
A Life she lives again, an angel she'll be forever


This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Angie Robert who was born in Montreal, Quebec on February 24, 1980. Angie passed away on Thanksgiving weekend, October 9th, 2004 at the age of 24, as the result of tragic automobile accident. Angie will be remembered forever. she was a sincerely kind, generous person that always put others before herself.

Angie was the only daughter to Donna & Richard Robert. She had both an older and younger brother, Ricky born in March 1979 and Randy born in July 1982. Angie was the first granddaughter to David & Louise Adnum of Greenfield Park. Their lives have forever changed. In life it is not fair to loose your children, let alone your grandchild. Angie's greatest joy in life was the birth of her son, Jeremy. Jeremy was born in October 2001. Angie was such a terrific mother. Living in the small town of Hemmingford, Quebec the community soon got to know her by her method of transportation. She was either walking with Jeremy in his carriage OR riding her bicycle with Jeremy on his bike seat. (She even did her groceries that way). That is why her death makes no sense........a car accident?????

Angie was born to have fun. She loved life and lived it the fullest. Every time you saw Angie she was always in a good mood. Never talking bad about anyone. She always saw the good in everybody. Welcoming everybody into her home, Angie made sure she always had plenty of food in her fridge. Actually, Angie's fridge & freezer was amazing. For only having her and her son living in their apartment, the freezer was absolutely filled. In all honestly, you could not fit even a popsicle in her freezer, it was incredible, you would have thought she had a family of 5 or 6.
Angie loved to cook and made sure she only fed Jeremy good homecooked meals.

Please share your stories and photos with us, her family. We want to hear from all of you. To those of you who new Angie, we thank you for being part of her life. For those of you who never had the opportunity, you truly missed out on knowing a genuine person, for she was one of the best. All messages greatly appreciated. Perhaps if you don't have a story to share with us, you will light a candle in Angie's Memory, even to let us know you visited this website.

Angie, the day you died our hearts split in two. One side filled with beautiful memories, the other side died with you.

Until we meet again, our little princess......We all love and miss you so very much......
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Our Angel in the Sky Angie Robert 1980-2004
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